Virtual Mini Workshop: Breaking Down Sun Salutations for Kids

90 Minute Workshop

Dates & Times for Currently Scheduled Virtual Sessions:

May 27th, 2021 @ 7:00PM EDT

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Workshop Overview:
The Sergeant Salutation, or KAY’s signature version of the classic Sun Salutation warm-up sequence, is the best behavior management tool we have. We promise, it works! Not sure how to make it engaging for your students and keep them interested every time you practice it? During this workshop we will break down the sequence, give you tips for each step along the way and give you tons of ideas on how to differentiate your approach for various audiences.

A few more details:
During the course of this workshop you will:
-Review the purpose of the practice.
-Learn how to appropriately introduce it to your students.
-Be given tips and cues for how best to instruct your students.
-Practice rounds of the Sergeant Salutation with a live trainer.
-Learn variations for different age groups and for how to keep it fresh every time.
-Learn how to make this practice accessible and inclusive for all of your students.

Materials/Supplies Needed:
-Notetaking materials

-Yoga mat and space to practice a Sarge Salute/Sun Salute

Cancellation Policy

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